Aims, objectives and rules to apply to

Friends of Westmill Church

    To establish a voluntary organisation (association) to be known as “FRIENDS OF WESTMILL CHURCH”
    The association will be totally independent of all other Church activities.

    To raise funds, receive donations/legacies etc., to be used for the maintenance and upkeep of the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Westmill.

    The organisation (association) shall consist of:-

Full Members
Full Membership to the “Friends “should be granted to those residents who live in the parish of Westmill or any person who is on the Church Electoral role of St Mary the Virgin Westmill.

    The organisation (association) shall be managed by an elected committee.
    The first committee shall be of 10 members. Consisting of  Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer  2 members of the Church (Churchwarden, Secretary, Treasurer or PCC member) and 5 elected from full members as identified above under clause (3) "Full Members".
    The committee to have the power to co-opt other members from the “Friends” membership to the committee as required.
    The “Friends” Treasurer will open a Bank or Building Society account.
    All proper costs, charges and expenses shall be defrayed out of the income of the association.
    The Association will hold a valid Gaming & Lottery Licence provided by the Local Authority.
    The Books of the Association will be audited annually by an independent auditor.

    The organisation (association) shall elect a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.
    The Officers and committee members shall all retire at the first Annual General Meeting and will be eligible for re-election.
    Following the first Annual General Meeting, all Officers and committee members should serve for a maximum of three years and will be eligible for re-election.

    A valid Committee Meeting shall consist of no less than 4 Committee Members.
    There shall be at least one Annual General Meeting in a year.
    Members can call a special meeting, when supported by at least 20% of the members (see clause (3) "Full Members"). 14 days notice must be given of the time and place of such a meeting.
    The Chairman shall have a casting vote at all meetings.

    If the committee by a simple majority decide that on the grounds of expense or otherwise it shall be necessary or advisable to dissolve the association, it shall call a meeting of all members of the association who have the power to vote stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed. If, at such time such a decision shall be confirmed by a three – fourths majority of those present and voting the committee shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of the association. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any debts and liabilities shall be applied towards such similar charitable institutions as the committee shall direct.


The Trustees registered with the Charities commission are Sally Cousins, Reverend Ian Hill, David Mills, Winston Pickup and Michael Thody.


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